Figtree Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Day Program Rehabilitation

Figtree Private Hospital offers a range of Day Program rehabilitation services, allowing patients to attend an exercised based program with the support of specialised allied health intervention. Patients will typically attend the program twice a week, for 1.5-2 hours each session.

Group programs available include:

Orthopaedics Program

A 4-6 week program catering for all post-operative orthopaedic surgery (including TKR, THR, foot/ankle, spinal) as well as traumatic injuries (including fractures, musculoskeletal injuries).

Reconditioning / Falls Prevention Program

A 6 week program caters for all patients who would benefit from a gentle exercise program to assist in enhancing and / or maintaining their independence at home (eg OA, sarcopenia, balance and gait retraining, limited endurance and strength)

Cancer Care Program - ACTIVATE

A 6 week program designed for patients who have functionally deteriorated as a result of their cancer condition, surgery for cancer or treatment for cancer. Patients may attend the program during or after their treatment.

Parkinson’s Program

A 10 week program catering for patients with Parkinson’s disease, ranging from early diagnosis through to the moderate stage. Patients are guided through targeted exercises to enhance their function in daily activities. Find out more about the Parkinson’s Program here.

Cardiac Program

A 6 week program targeted at patients who have recently had cardiac surgery, have existing cardiac conditions (including MI, IHD, angina, CCF) or are at risk of cardiovascular disease. The program enables patients to maximize their physical and psychological functioning and develop skills for long term behavior management change.

To find out more about our day programs, please call 02 4255 5000 or contact us by email.