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How to Refer a Patient

Illawarra Early Parenting Centre Referrals

Referral to the Illawarra Early Parenting Centre is recommended for families with an infant aged between two months to two years old, who may be experiencing difficulties with sleep, settling or feeding or adjusting to parenthood. Admission to the Illawarra Early Parenting Centre requires the following documentation:

  • A referral for the child
  • Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale completed by the child's primary carer


IEPC Referral Contact Number
Phone: 02 4255 5000
Fax: 02 4271 4393

Inpatient Rehabilitation Referrals

Inpatient Rehabilitation is suitable for patients who require 24 hour medical and nursing care and are managed by a Rehabilitation Physician.

We accept referrals from other hospitals, medical specialists and GPs.


We accept the following patients for admission:

  • Private Patients Any patients with relevant hospital insurance cover. We will always confirm with your insurer prior to your admission if you are appropriately covered
  • Self Insured Patients A quote will be provided to patients prior to admission
  • Workers Compensation/Third Party Approval needs to be sought from the insurance company prior to admission
  • Veterans Affairs Patients (DVA) Veterans and War Widows may be admitted to the hospital

Inpatient Referral Contact Number
Phone: 02 4255 5000
Fax: 02 4271 4393

Day Program Rehabilitation Referrals

Day Program Rehabilitation is suitable for people who have established rehabilitation needs and are managed by a Rehabilitation Physician. Day program patients do not need the support of medical and nursing care.

Figtree Private Hospital does not accept day program referrals, at this time. Day Program Rehabilitation Programs are available at Lawrence Hargrave Private Hospital.

Lawrence Hargrave Private Hospital Contact Number
Phone: 02 4267 2811
Fax: 02 4267 1069

Sleep Studies Referrals

All Sleep Study patients are to be referred to Illawarra Sleep Medicine Centre. Illawarra Sleep Medicine will liaise with the Figtree Private Hospital Admissions Clerk to coordinate your booking.

Illawarra Sleep Medicine Clinic Contact Number
Phone: 02 4226 6980
Fax: 02 4226 9857

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