Figtree Private Hospital
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Bookings and Referrals

To access to the Illawarra Early Parenting Centre program, you will need to obtain a referral for your baby from your GP, Obstetrician, Paediatrician or Child and Family Health Nurse.

Referrers - please view detailed referral instructions here.

As part of the referral process, you will also be required to complete the Early Parenting Centre Assessment Form. This can be completed online for your convenience.

Once the hospital has received the required documentation, Illawarra Early Parenting Centre staff will conduct a Pre-admission phone interview and an appointment date will be given 12-14 days prior to the program commencement. During the Pre-admission interview parent and infant history will be discussed and the most appropriate program will be determined, based on medical referral and strict admission criteria.

Prior to your admission we suggest you:

  • Check your health insurance coverage
  • Discuss your partner’s level of involvement
  • Keep in touch with your GP and Child and Family Health Nurse
  • Take up any offers of support from friends and relatives