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Rehabilitation the key for Figtree Private Hospital

Aug 26, 2016

Illawarra residents are assured of exceptional and broad ranging access to rehabilitation facilities following the recent renovation of Figtree Private Hospital.

On Friday, 26 August the former surgical and maternity hospital is relaunching as a 68-bed rehabilitation, medical and sleep study facility offering inpatient services.

The renovation follows the opening of Wollongong Private Hospital and, in conjunction with Lawrence Hargrave Private Hospital in the northern Illawarra, will give people greater choice and opportunity in accessing the right services for their condition.

Figtree Private Hospital CEO Paul McKenna said Figtree Private Hospital has undergone a major facelift that includes the opening of two new wards, the addition of two physiotherapy gymnasiums, two Activities of Daily Living kitchens, an occupational therapy treatment room, and the conversion of birthing suites into four integrated sleep study rooms.

“The decision to turn Figtree Private Hospital into a rehabilitation centre was carefully considered and ultimately based on what we saw as an incredible need for the Illawarra region,” he said.

“When people think of rehabilitation they often consider only sporting injuries or motor vehicle accidents, but rehabilitation is invaluable for people living with conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and multiple sclerosis for example.”

“Ramsay Health Care has been involved with rehabilitation services in the region through Lawrence Hargrave Private Hospital since 2001 and understands how great the need is for these services. Dedicating Figtree Private Hospital to rehabilitation means better opportunities for people in Wollongong’s central and southern suburbs to get the expert help they need quickly and effectively.”

Along with medical care and sleep studies services, inpatient facilities at the hospital now includes rehabilitation programs for orthopaedic and musculoskeletal, neurological, reconditioning and post-surgery as well as pain management services. There is also a range of allied health therapies available as part of the rehabilitation programs.

The change has also proven pivotal for the region in other ways. Sixty additional jobs have been created at Figtree Private Hospital and there are plans to recruit a further 100 people during the next 18 months. Ten new specialists are also caring for patients at the hospital.

Mr McKenna said the changes at the hospital were just the beginning for the facility which would continue to grow its services to best cater for the needs of the region.

“Our future plans include the addition of day and outpatient rehabilitation programs, more gymnasiums and a hydrotherapy pool to ensure patients can access everything they need in the one area. Rehabilitation is about improving quality of life across a range of needs and being able to do that in one place is invaluable for patients.”

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