For Visitors: Visiting Hours and Visiting Etiquette

Visiting Hours and Visiting Etiquette

Visiting hours and rest period hours are as follows (rest periods appear in bold):

Keira (Surgical) and Kembla (Medical) wards:

10:00am to 12:00pm
2:00pm to 5:00pm and
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Intensive Care Unit:

10.00am to12.00pm and 4.00pm – 8.00pm.
Rest period 12pm – 4pm (please refrain from visiting at this time).

We request that visitors be kept to a minimum of two people at any one time and be of short duration. In the acute post operative period, or in the acute phase of an illness, it is recommended that only family members visit. Children under 14 years of age are not permitted in the ICU without prior nursing approval.

Maternity/ Surgical (Nareena) ward:

8.00am to 11.00pm Partners
10.00am to 12.00pm General visiting
1.00pm to 3.00pm Mothers rest period. Please refrain from visiting at this time (except partners)
3.00pm to 8.00pm General visiting


Please note:

  • If you can not visit during these times, please contact Hospital staff to discuss alternatives.
  • Parents visiting children are welcome to visit at any time.
  • Visitors who are unwell should not visit the Hospital.
  • Visitors are asked to consult with the nursing staff before giving patients gifts of food or drink as some items may compromise the patient’s treatment or tests.

We also ask that all visitors:

  • Keep noise to a minimum so as not to disturb others.
  • Comply with lawful requests by Medical Practitioners and Hospital staff.
  • Not smoke within the Hospital.
  • Not consume alcohol on the premises.
  • Respect the property of others and not to damage or misuse the property.
  • Be courteous and polite.
  • Show consideration and respect for the dignity and privacy of other patients.
  • Keep children under control at all times.
  • Comply with visiting times.

Relative waiting area

Sometimes you may need to spend some time waiting for a friend or relative while they conduct their business at Figtree Private Hospital. You may like to relax in the area outside Reception (front entrance) where there are newspapers and a television. There is also a small room located outside the Intensive Care Unit where you can be asked to wait for patients returning from theatre or patients undergoing treatment in the Intensive Care Unit.


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