Figtree Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

The Program

Families will participate in an intensive six day, five night program designed to improve your family’s health and wellbeing. The centre focuses on a ‘strengths-based’ model of care in which staff and patients identify specific parenting challenges and work in partnership to develop an action plan addressing these challenges. Desired outcomes upon completion of the program may include increasing parent’s skills and confidence in responding to the needs of their baby, improving sleep and settling behaviours, reducing the impacts of exhaustion or supporting secure bonding and attachment interactions between parents and their babies.

The program development process begins with an assessment of your health and an assessment of your baby’s health, development and behaviour. An individual program, including an age appropriate routine for your baby, is then designed in consultation with your family to specifically address your identified difficulties.

During your five night stay, nursing staff are available to review your progress and provide support throughout the program, offering compassionate, hands-on help as required.

Three key components of the program include:

  • Daily self-care group session – a daily 30 minute self-care session is provided for caregivers focusing on mindfulness, yoga and stretching.
  • Group education – Group sessions run daily delivering education about infant behaviour and development, as well as adjusting to life with a baby. Group education sessions provide an excellent opportunity to socialise and share support, successes and difficulties while working to achieve individual goals.
  • Partner Support Program – The significance of the family unit is recognised by the provision of a partner support program. Fathers and carers are encouraged to attend the twice weekly sleep-settling group, which is held at 6:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Partners are offered individual sessions to practice settling the baby and are invited to attend the Fathers group. All partners are encouraged to participate in the full residential program where possible.